Why Your Website is SOOO Important

Apr 07, 2014

Last week we launched a new website for the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce.  It has been a journey and each day I am finding something that we have broken that needs correction.  I imagine that is how it is for most business owners, and even more likely the reason owners dread creating a new site.  Someone asked why we did this; because, "the old site was just fine."  Well, it was "fine" but in today's age of online, "fine" is not really "fine."  

A recent statistic from hub spot found that "78% of Internet users conduct product research online.  That means your website stands a good chance of being a prospect's "first impression." That also means your new business card isn't a business card—it's Google." That means that our website being current is also critical to the community and our membership.  

Last year, we had over 70,000 hits on our site and we expect that to quadruple this year.  In the last week, we have seen our website traffic take tremendous leaps forward and we plan to continue to grow and invest in technology for all of our members.  

Please take a few minutes today to check out our new site and then stop by one of our business members and let them know that you found them online at www.leandercc.org!


Bridget L. Brandt, President & CEO

To read the full HubSpot article, visit their blog.

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