Top Ten Reasons to Join the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce

Jul 02, 2013

Top Ten Reasons to Join the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce:

1. “GET KNOWN.” On our website, in our NEW directory, and in the minds of our community.

2. “SHARE IT.” Look for Chamber sponsored advertising on our website and in the local news.

3. “GET TOGETHER.” Leander has a personality all our own, we’re relaxed, we’re friendly and we support each other.

4. “IT’S FIVE O’CLOCK SOMEWHERE.” Join us for our monthly 

“Happy Hour” and exchange info and make new friends.

5. “ONE WITH THE COMMUNITY.” Our Living Leander Community Expo is sure to be one of the best connecting with the community events of the year!

6. “PARTY!!!” Our annual Best Party Ever is truly that, and fun way to connect and celebrate business in our community.

7. “CUT!!” You get to cut a really big ribbon with big gold scissors.

8. “I KNOW SOMEBODY, AND THEY’RE LOCAL.” We believe in referring local businesses to our friends and associates.

9. “LET’S DO LUNCH.” Our luncheons and round tables are filled with great talent to help us grow our businesses through Seminars and Speakers.

10. “POWER IN NUMBERS.” By joining the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce we keep sales revenues within our own community and have the power to build a community we all want to live, work, and play in!!!

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