State of the Region

Apr 17, 2014

When is ACC going to build in Leander?


Where is the next school for LISD?


When is the train going to run on Saturday?


These are the questions that I get at least once a week.  Well, next Tuesday we can all hear exactly what is happening with all of these vital aspects of the greater Leander community.  At the Monthly Lunch and Learn, we will hear from Dr. Bret Champion, Superintendent LISD; John Michael Cortez, Capital Metro; & Vice Chairman Dr. Vic Villarreal & Trustee Allen Kaplan with ACC.

Our community is growing rapidly and these gentlemen are making plans for the success and future of the community.  Please join us to hear what is going on and learn how you can be a part it!

Register online before it is sold out.


See you Tuesday!

Bridget L. Brandt, President & CEO 

Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce

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