Cloud Computing for Businesses

Jun 15, 2016

By: Jeff Seiler

Last month at the Leander Chamber Luncheon, Don Dalrymple spoke about Cloud Computing and how it helps run your business.  As you may recall, the “cloud” simply means that data (whether it be email, documents and spreadsheets or customer information) is stored elsewhere rather than your local server or desktop.  

As a chamber member, veraTECH Solutions, can provide the following cost effective, cloud services to your company.

Cloud Storage: ShareSync

ShareSync is an easy-to-use file sync and share service that enables intuitive collaboration and mobility while helping keep data secure and protected. ShareSync keeps files and folders in sync across virtually every device (desktops, laptops, iPhones, etc…) and makes it simple to share those files inside and outside of your company.


  • Automatically sync files across desktop, mobile devices, and the web

  • Share folders with co-workers or external users with one click

  • Share files with anyone via web link

  • Data Encryption, Remote Wipe, Audit Log Tracking

  • Save files to ShareSync directly from the ribbon on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  • Share files without leaving Outlook

Prices start at $5/month

Cloud Backup: Managed Online Backup

veraTECH Solutions backup service provides a cost-effective, affordable solution to a range of IT issues faced by businesses, such as data loss, fire or flood damage, theft of data and more.  If your backup system is not getting checked regularly or if you’re not sure that your backup system is even working, assume it’s not.  With veraTECH Solutions Managed Backup, we have all your backup solutions covered!

Prices start at $35/month

Cloud Email: Microsoft Exchange

Delivered from the cloud, veraTECH Solutions Hosted Exchange is the best choice for business email. Hosted Exchange provides users with essential productivity tools—and admins with control, simplicity and choice. In addition, veraTECH offers HIPAA encryption that will help keep your customers, partners, patients and clients personal data private, as well as, a spam filter that is bundled with every mailbox to identify, quarantine and block suspicious email.

  • High desktop and mobile productivity

  • Business-grade email, shared calendars and shared contacts

  • Sync your data across all your devices

  • Online Web Access or connect with Outlook

  • Virus and spam protection

Prices start at $5/month

Cloud Phone System:

veraTECH Solutions Managed Cloud VoIP System allows you all the features of a big corporation without having to worry about an actual phone box at your business location. veraTECH hosts your phone service and all you need is an internet connection and phones! At an affordable monthly price and without the headaches of having to maintain another piece of equipment in your IT closet, Managed Cloud PBX is a simple VoIP solution.

Reasons to go Managed Cloud VoIP System:

  • Simple Installation – We do all the work for you. You tell us what you want the phone system to do and we make it do that.

  • Mobility – Because your phone system is located in the cloud, it is easy to connect from anywhere. Multiple locations or remote workers can operate seamlessly on the same phone system as if they were sharing an office.

  • Expandability – Managed Cloud PBX solutions are the way to go for growing businesses. Pay per current user and expand as your company grows.

  • Experience – Give your clients a first class experience. Customize a menu, both during business hours and after hours. Provide marketing messages while on hold. Allow clients to leave a voicemail that gets emailed to you.

Prices start at $25/month

About veraTECH Solutions:

veraTECH Solutions, formerly Austin Area Computers, carries the motto, “Truth in Technology.” It’s our mission to take care of your technology needs - We are your “IT Department”.  We work for you and your bottom line is important to us. It’s no wonder that we were voted “Best of the Best” by the Hill Country Newspaper Readers Poll 8 of the last 9 years. We are committed to our customers and their needs. Our goal is to be upfront with our pricing, prompt with customer support, and timely when addressing your needs.  For more information, go to or email

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