10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at the Office

Apr 20, 2016

The day is almost upon us…this Friday, April 22nd is Earth Day. It is both a celebrated and dreaded holiday, as most of us feel the weight of guilt on our shoulders over how much water we used brushing our teeth this morning or the plastic we forgot to recycle that went out with last week’s trash pickup.

But have no fear. Here is a compiled list of simple ways to celebrate Earth Day in a place where you likely spend a great amount of time:  your office.

1.     Use less paper.

U.S. businesses still use about 21 million tons of paper each year. Adopt a “Double-Sided” Policy when printing…or try to be paper-free for a day. This link offers more tips to cutting down on paper usage.

2.     Crack open a window.

The beauty of April is there are a lot of beautiful weather days in Texas. Shut off the A/C and open your windows…fresh air, fresh state of mind, and you are using less energy.

3.     Blackout day.

If your office can handle it, encourage employees to work from home for the day. It’s a bit extreme, but you would save a day’s worth of electricity, natural gas, and auto emissions.

4.     Use your laptop instead of your desktop.

Laptops are much more energy efficient and allow you to work from various locations, therefore more productivity.

5.     Change out your light bulbs.

There may be some old standard light bulbs hanging around the office. Make an effort to swap them out with compact florescent light bulbs.

6.     Switch to green/non-toxic cleaning supplies.

Better for the environment and better for your health!

7.     Carpool or walk when possible.

If multiple employees live in the same vicinity, make a point to carpool and help reduce the amount of cars on the road. At lunch time, try to pick a spot within walking distance.

8.     Recycle your electronics.

Host an electronic recycling station for everyone to bring in their old phones, computers, etc. and take them to your local electronics recycling center. https://www.epa.gov/recycle

9.     Consider new, energy efficient products.

If your break room is in the market for a new microwave, keep an eye out for the EPA’s Energy Star sticker, which will save both energy and money in the long run.

10.  Power down.

Turn off your computer and other electronic equipment at lunch and at the end of the day.

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