10 Reasons to Join the Leander Chamber of Commerce

Jun 10, 2016

I spoke to a prospective member today and he asked me why he should join the chamber. Here's what I told him:

  1. Invest in a Healthy Local Economy and Build a better workforce… Investing in the Chamber helps Leander promote quality growth that adds new businesses and customers for your business. Our annual Living Leander Guide is the printed piece that allows customers to find you or for you to find customers.
  2. People do business with people they know! … Grow your business by taking advantage of the many networking opportunities the Chamber provides for cultivating and maintaining valuable business prospects and relationships. Many of the events provide professional development and resource information for our members. Look on the website for Upcoming Events and meet your next best business partner!
  3. Web Based Marketing of Your Products or Services… Use your Chamber’s website to post coupons on our Coupons page (we have had over 500 hits on that page this year), add events to our Calendar and list employment openings on the Job Postings page. All current members are listed in our online business directory to help both members and non-members alike do business with you!
  4. Become a Committee Member… Service on one of our many committees provides numerous networking opportunities and professional leadership development.  Build your business while promoting developments of keen interest to local businesses and the community at large.  Email us at office@leandercc.org if you are interested in serving.
  5. Ribbon Cuttings or Ground Breaking … Ribbon Cuttings are a great way to quickly bring awareness to your business. This ceremony introduces you and your employees, along with your location, products and services to the community. Ribbon cutting ceremonies are available for those joining the Chamber for the first time, in celebration of a major business anniversary, or an expansion or renovation. Ribbon Cut pictures are sent to the Hill Country News and Community Impact for possible insertion. Call the Chamber office for the Ribbon Cutting Planner form to reserve your date and time. Chamber Ambassadors along with elected officials are encouraged to attend this event. “Grand Opening” or “Congratulations” banners are available presented free of charge.
  6. A tax write off for your business….The Chamber of Commerce is a deductible business expense and is a 95% tax write-off. Further information is available from your tax adviser.
  7. Chamber events and programs... We provide businesses with opportunities for members to come together to learn about topics, gain education, and interact with other businesses. We do close to 100 events every year.  We are confident you will find a fit for your business.
  8. Acquire customer referrals... We provide quality referrals for all  of our members.  Our members average between 50-300 referrals a year, and we track them all on our website so you are able to see exactly how many you received by logging into our members only portal. 
  9. Gain a voice in government... Leander Chamber provides our members with a unified voice to go before government officials at the federal, state and local levels to help elicit change and work on pro-business viewpoints and agendas. We have a direct contact within every legislator’s office that our members may connect with to share their opinions and recommendations.
  10. Membership brings credibility... Research shows that consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it’s a member of their local chamber of commerce. Consumers will think more favorably and will be more likely to purchase goods and services from a company that belongs to their local chamber.

There are many more reasons to join your local chamber of commerce, but we want you to find the benefit that works best for you.  So, join in...come to an event and see for yourself why you should be a member of the Leander Chamber of Commerce.

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